Project Year: December 2020

12 illustrations I created in collaboration with Lonely Whale For their December Sea Signs. 🌊☀️🌈🌏🌸🐟🐠🦀🐢🦋

In Collaboration with Lonely Whale, I bring you December Sea Signs featuring incredible environmentalists such as Wangari Maathai , Autumn Peltier , Leah Thomas , Dr Ayana Elizabeth Johnson, Chris Hemsworth , Wyn Wiley , Sir David Attenborough ,  Martin Luther King jr , Melati Wijsen , Rihanna, Sza and Bob Marley !

“Inspired by the true story of “52 Blue” , Lonely Whale stands for community and caring, with the ocean and you at the heart of everything we do” – Lonely Whale. I am so incredibly honoured to have worked with this amazing originisation.